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Current Project

The political, institutional and bargaining dynamics of property tax reform in Dakar, Thiès and Saint-Louis, Senegal

Colette Nyirakamana, Camille Barras & Marie Reine Mukazayire
Current Project

Exploring the potential of property tax reform in Malawi

Colette Nyirakamana, Graeme Stewart-Wilson & Alexander Chirambo
Current Project

Rebuilding the Social Compact: Urban Service Delivery and Property Taxes in Pakistan

Asim Kwahja, Benjamin Olken, Adnan Khan & Mahvish Shaukat
Current Project

Can Traditional Political Institutions Help the State Raise Taxes? Experimental Evidence from Sierra Leone

Kevin Grieco

Using Machine Learning and Computer Vision to Increase Property Tax Collection in the DRC

Augustin Bergeron & Prosper Kamalu
Current Project

The Existing Characteristics and Functioning of the Property Tax System in Puntland State (Somalia)

Prof. Mohamed Said Samantar, Abdulkadir A. Warsame & Samanya John
Current Project

Public Reporting and Property Tax Compliance: A Field Experiment in Kampala, Uganda

Tanner Regan & Priya Manwaring
Current Project

The Collateral Effects of Evictions on Property Tax Morale: Class, Preferences and Signals from the State

Lily Tsai, Leah Rosenzweig & Nicole Wilson
Current Project

The Political Economy of Progressive Property Tax Reform: Evidence from Pakistan

Ali Cheema, Shandana Khan Mohmand, Adnan Qadir Khan, Michael Carlos Best, Ali Abbas, Ahsan Zia Farooqui & Muhammad Ahmad Amin
Current Project

Anatomy of Filing Non-Compliance in VAT Systems

Tejaswi Vlayudhan
Current Project

Perversity in Sri Lanka’s tax administration

Mick Moore, Institute of Development Studies
Current Project

Not-so-freeway- informal taxation and the everyday cost of conflict in Northeast India

Shalaka Thakur