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Current Project

Tax compliance and Digital Financial Services in Burkina Faso: The role of formal and informal

Jule Kaini Tinta & Mouhamed Zerbo
Current Project

Assessing the impact of e-filing and e-payment in Senegal

Leo Czajka & Ndeye Dibor Ndour
Current Project

The impact of mobile money taxation on SACCOS and their members in Tanzania

Stefanie Pfeil, Marius Siebert & Bashir Iddi
Current Project

The impact of taxation on mobile money agents: a case study on Cameroon

Ruth Tacneng, Alphonse Noah & Putra Pamungkas

New taxpayer registration through ID – impacts on formalisation and revenue

Fabrizio Santoro & Stephen Okiya
Current Project

E-Levy and merchant payment exemptions in Ghana

Celeste Scarpini & Fabrizio Santoro
Current Project

Perceptions, Impact, and Equity of Mobile Money taxation: The case of Ghana’s E-levy

Awa Diouf, Mary Abounabhan & Carlos Sakyi-Nyarko

Digital tax policy and tax revenue collection in Cameroon

Fossong Derrick, Ashu Mc Moi Ndi, Yenika Boris & Vushugeh Marvel Gwieh
Current Project

A comparative Analysis of the E-Transfer Levies in Ghana and Nigeria: Lessons and Experiences for the Taxation of Digital Financial Services

Hannelore Niesten & Christopher Wales
Completed Project

[TAX MAP] Taxation policies and Mobile money usage in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Cross-Country Survey Data

Awa Diouf & Hannelore Niesten
Completed Project

Taxation of High Net Worth Individuals in Sierra Leone

Jalia Kangave, Giovanni Occhiali & Ishmail Kamara
Current Project

Block management system and formalisation: An ethnography and evaluation of the registration process in Freetown

Giovanni Occhiali, Wilson Prichard & Moyo Arewa