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Current Project

The Role of Fiscal Policies in Cannabis Legalisation: Learning from Malawi’s Experience

Current Project

Gender and Tax Compliance

Sripriya Iyengar Srivasta
Current Project

Tax Compliance Costs: Uganda

Adrienne Lees
Current Project

Tax harmonisation within the West African Economic and Monetary Union

Raissatou Joelle Traore
Completed Project

Women in Ethiopian Tax Administration: Evidence on representation and performance

Seid Yimam Mohamend & Yalew Mekonnen
Current Project

What is the distributional impact of the income and consumption tax reforms in Liberia?

Henry C. Edeh & Jane Ozor
Current Project

Aiding the War & Neglecting Citizens: International Donor Policy

Matthew Benson
Completed Project

The impact of mobile money taxation on financial inclusion: The case of the Kenyan excise duty

Marco Carrerras, Awa Diouf & Fabrizio Santoro
Completed Project

An Introduction to Digital Tax Payment Systems in Low-and Middle-Income Countries

Moyosore Arewa & Fabrizio Santoro
Completed Project

Digital financial services and digital IDs: What potential do they have for better taxation in Africa?

Fabrizio Santoro, Laura Munoz, Wilson Prichard & Giulia Mascagni
Completed Project

Should Governments Tax Digital Financial Services? A Research Agenda to Understand Sector-Specific Taxes on DFS

Laura Munoz, Giulia Mascagni, Wilson Prichard & Fabrizio Santoro
Current Project

Mobile money and quality of tax administration and tax policy in developing countries

Ablam Estel Apeti & Eyah Denise Edoh