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Screenshot of a GhanaWeb report on the DIGITAX workshop
March 2024

DIGITAX workshop on taxing mobile money garners media attention in Ghana

The two-day DIGITAX Research Programme workshop in Accra on ‘Taxing mobile money: Lessons and ways forward’, hosted by the Ghana Revenue Authority in partnership with ICTD, received coverage in several media outlets during the end of February and beginning of March. Among them are:

A screenshot of the Tax Notes report featuring ICTD Working Paper 181
March 2024

ICTD research on duty-free imports of electronic transmission products in Africa cited in Tax Notes

ICTD Working Paper 181, entitled Are Trade Rules Undermining Taxation of the Digital Economy in Africa?, was cited in a report by Tax Notes on the recent renewal of the World Trade Organization’s moratorium on custom duties for e-commerce.

Institute of Development Studies Research Fellow Karishma Banga, who co-authored the paper with Alexander Beyleveld, was also quoted in the piece, saying in part:

“The moratorium has constrained the ability of African and developing countries to raise tax revenue from the steadily growing imports of electronically transmitted products.”

Read the full Tax Notes article, entitled ‘WTO Ministers Renew Moratorium on Custom Duties for E-Commerce’, here.

Screenshot of the Time.News article featuring recommendations by Mick Moore and Wilson Prichard on how to increase tax revenue in low-income countries.
February 2024

Mick Moore and Wilson Prichard cited in Time.News on increasing tax revenue

ICTD founding director Mick Moore and executive director Wilson Prichard were referenced in a Time.News article on increasing public revenue in African countries.

The news item featured recommendations made by the two ICTD researchers from an earlier published working paper, entitled “How Can Governments of Low-Income Countries Collect More Tax Revenue?.

Read the artice here.

Screenshot of Professor Moore's op-ed, entitled "Wanted: An Authentic Minister of Finance Sri lanka Has Not Had One, For Three and A Half Decades"
February 2024

Mick Moore publishes op-ed piece in Sri Lanka’s Daily Mirror

ICTD founder and Professorial Fellow Mick Moore has penned an op-ed, entitled “Wanted: An Authentic Minister of Finance Sri Lanka Has Not Had One, For Three And A Half Decades”, for Sri Lanka’s Daily Mirror.

He said in part: “Other than [Mangala] Samaraweera [(2017-2019)], a couple of the people who have briefly held the post of Finance Minister since 1988 have been figureheads. For the most of that period, the post has been held by the incumbent President. It follows that the President/Minister of Finance, could not exercise any independent influence over economic and fiscal policy, or query or check government financial decisions.”

Read the full article here.

An image of the fDi Intelligence article with the title The 15% global corporate minimum tax gamble
December 2023

Mbakiso Magwape quoted in fDi Intelligence article on corporate minimum tax

Mbakiso Magwape was interview and quoted in an article by fDi Intelligence, a Financial Times-run service, about the nearing implementation in some countries of the 15% global corporate minimum tax.

In the article, Mbakiso said in part that “the steady progress being made in Europe has ‘triggered a call to action’ by regional tax bodies which want developing countries to stop dragging their feet”.

Read the full the article here.

August 2023

Mick Moore quoted in Bloomberg on World Bank’s decision to halt new loans to Uganda

Mick Moore was quoted in a Bloomberg article on the World Bank’s decision to halt new loans to Uganda as a penalty over its new LGBTQI laws. Mick is quoted as saying

The decision reflects a shift at the World Bank in its approach toward economic growth and development, said Mick Moore, a researcher at the Institute of Development Studies. “The heavy emphases they formerly placed on markets, competition and fiscal conservatism have to some extent given way to an emphasis on equality of all kinds.”

In one example, the World Bank halted funding for projects in Afghanistan after the Taliban took control of the country in 2021. “That was not too controversial internationally. But Bank staff always suspected that they would face much more problematic cases,” Moore said. “The Uganda case is especially problematic, because it left the Bank facing strongly competing political pressures and little scope for finding a compromise.

You can read the article here.

Screenshot: Kenya is going digital to boost tax revenue – there are lessons to learn from other African countries
August 2023

Celeste Scarpini and Fabrizio Santoro pen a piece in ‘The Conversation’

DIGITAX Research Programme researchers Celeste Scarpini and Fabrizio Santoro have written an article entitled Kenya is going digital to boost tax revenue – there are lessons to learn from other African countries published in The Conversation.

July 2023

ICTD research on taxing agricultural income is cited extensively in a Ugandan top media outlet

ICTD Working Paper 121 was cited several times in a report published in one of Uganda’s top media outlets the Daily Monitor. You can read the article here. And the working paper by Graeme Stewart-Wilson & Ronald Waiswa here.

image of The East African newspaper with the interview featuring Wilson Prichard
June 2023

LoGRI inaugural conference receives national media coverage in Kenya

The Local Government Revenue Iniatiative (LoGRI) inaugural conference on “Building Progressive and Equitable Property Tax Systems in Lower-Income Countries” received coverage in a number of Kenyan media outlets in June. Highlights include:

June 2023

Global Tax Governance conference garners significant national media attention in Kenya

The ICTD/KRA organised “Global Tax Governance at a Crossroads” conference garnered significant Kenyan print and television media coverage in June. Highlights include:

  1. “Global Tax Governance conference to be hosted in Nairobi on June 5-7” story on HapaKenya 2/06/23
  2. “Tax Experts, Policy makers converge to deliberate the future of Global Tax Governance” Editorial in Bizna Kenya 2/06/23
  3. “KRA and International Centre for Tax & Development host conference” Television report on Citizen TV Kenya 5/06/23
  4. “Tax Collabo I Insufficient information derailing optimum tax collection” KBC Business television report 5/06/23
  5. “Kenya makes progress in international taxation, says Treasury CS” story in KBC 6/06/23
  6. “Global Tax Conference Kicks Off In Nairobi Amid Finance Bill Row” Top Story on Capital Business 5/06/23
April 2023

Part two of Mick Moore’s “Making the IMF Work for Sri Lankans” series is published in Groundviews

The second op-ed in Mick Moore’s series on Sri Lanka has been published in Groundviews. You can read his piece here.

April 2023

ICTD Ghana E-Levy features prominently story by African Wireless Communications

Media outlet African Wireless Communications has heavily featured ICTD research on the Ghana E-Levy in their piece on Letshego Mobile Money. Read here.