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July 2021
Tax Notes Reviews Martin Hearson’s Book Imposing Standards

Nana Ama Sarfo, contributing editor at Tax Notes International, reviewed our research fellow and international tax lead Dr Martin Hearson’s latest book “Imposing Standards: The North-South Dimension to Global Tax Politics.” In her review, Sarfo asserts “Imposing Standards arrives at a pivotal moment in international tax policymaking. To know where we are going, we must know where we have been. Yet what has been missing from international tax reform discourse is a serious, and robust, historical analysis. Hearson’s book shines a light on that historical narrative and illuminates some paths forward for lower-income countries trying to establish their own norms.” Read the full review here.


July 2021
Research Fellow Martin Hearson Authors Opinion Piece on The Washington Post About International Tax Negotiations

ICTD research fellow and international tax lead Dr Martin Hearson authored an opinion piece published by the The Washington Post’s ‘The Monkey Cage blog on June 30, 2021 titled “Great powers have always dictated the terms of ‘global’ tax deals. This time may be different“. In this piece, Hearson provides a commentary on global tax politics in light of the recent international tax negotiations. His timely piece draws on some of the arguments discussed in his latest book:  “Imposing Standards: The North-South Dimension to Global Tax Politics“.


July 2021
Senior Advisor Doris Akol on TADAT-IMF Podcast on Gender and Revenue Administration

ICTD senior advisor Doris Akol took part to the third TADAT podcast on June 30, 2021 to discuss improving gender equality within tax administration,  drawing on her experience as former Commissioner General of the Uganda Revenue Authority. The TADAT podcast is a special collaborative series by the International Monetary Fund’s Fiscal Affairs Department and the TADAT Secretariat. This episode was moderated by Ms. Vicki Perry, Deputy Director, Fiscal Affairs Department of the IMF, with guests speakers being Ms. Doris Akol and Ms. Deborah Jenkins, Deputy Commissioner, Small Business at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). The episode is available here.

TADAT flyer


June 2021
Senior Fellow Sol Picciotto interviewed on the radio about international tax negotiations

ICTD senior fellow Professor Sol Picciotto was interviewed on radio programme Voice of Islam Radio’s Saturday Morning Live on June 12, 2021 to discuss the recent negotiations on international tax reform. You can hear Professor Picciotto here from 57:00 to 1:17, and read his recent blog “Africa follows up the Biden proposals for international tax reforms” in which he discusses the perspective of African countries regarding the proposed reforms.


June 2021
ICTD research featured in The Economist

The ICTD has been featured in a new article in The Economist titled “Will poorer countries benefit from international tax reform?“. The article cites elements from a conversation with Research Fellow and International Tax Lead Martin Hearson and findings from Working Paper 119 “Profit Shifting of Multinational Corporations Worldwide” and WP115 “At the Table, Off the Menu? Assessing the Participation of Lower-Income Countries in Global Tax Negotiations“.

ICTD feature in The Economist

May 2021
ICTD’s support of Nigeria’s Tax & Technology event highlighted in national papers

The ICTD has been mentioned in several national papers in Nigeria for taking part in the organisation of the ‘Technology & Tax’ conference organized by the Nigeria Governors’ Forum with the support of the World Bank and the ICTD. This involvement is part of the work of the ICTD’s Nigerian Tax Research Network (NTRN).  The NTRN is dedicated to enhancing the generation and exchange of tax knowledge in Nigeria. Topics addressed include the role of technology in improving revenue administration processes. ICTD’s contribution was reported on by The Cable, The Nation, the Nigerian Tribune, and The Sun.


April 2021
Mick Moore featured in the Colombo Telegraph

In their article Port City Bill Red Flags: Experts Warn Of Economic Zone Will Be Black Money Tax Haven, Parallel Govt In Lanka, the Colombo Telegraph writes about taxation experts and economists sounding the alarm about the proposed tax-free regime for the Colombo Port City in Sri Lanka.

The ICTD’s Professor Mick Moore OBE has been featured, which cites his viewpoint that global experience had proved sweeping tax exemptions do not attract foreign investors, who are far more attracted by the reliability of a tax structure, rather than exceptions that can be removed at the stroke of a pen.


April 2021
ICTD study written up by ICIJ

The ICTD, alongside Petr Janský, an economist at Charles University in Prague and data scientist Javier Garcia-Bernardo have been featured in a new article on the website of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, titled Multinationals shifted $1 trillion offshore, stripping countries of billions in tax revenues, study says. The article highlights data from an ICTD working paper that Janský and Garcia-Bernardo recently co-authored called Profit Shifting of Multinational Corporations Worldwide.