Media Coverage

July 2020
Max Gallien featured in “Africa and the Global Illicit Economy” podcast

ICTD Research Fellow Max Gallien was featured in the Africa and the Global Illicit Economy podcast in their July 7th episode “Licit Economy Smuggling in the Maghreb and Sahel“. The podcast draws on the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime’s civil society observatories for North, South, East and West Africa to get a feel for how Organized Crime is impacting some of the world and the continent’s emergency trends and contemporary events. Listen to the podcast here.

July 2020
ICTD mentioned in The Economist podcast

On July 2nd, The Economist’s podcast The Intelligence spoke about Freetown’s new property tax system which will raise up to 5x more revenue in a fairer way. The city received technical support from the ICTD and the International Growth Centre (IGC), and aid from the UK government. Read The Economist article about it here. Listen the podcast here, starting at 17:16.

June 2020
ICTD work featured in The Economist

The Economist published an article on June 19 about Freetown’s new property tax system which will raise up to 5x more revenue in a fairer way. Through this process, the city received technical support from the ICTD and International Growth Centre (IGC), and aid from the UK government. Read the article here. Learn more about the reform in our blog “Freetown just implemented a new property tax system that could quintuple revenue“. Learn more about our African Property Tax Initiative here.

June 2020
Vanessa van den Boogaard blog mentioned in Tax Notes featured analysis

ICTD researcher Vanessa van den Boogaard’s blog, “Fill the gaps, feel the pain: Insights from Sierra Leone on an epidemic’s impact on local taxation, public services, and the poor” was mentioned in Tax Notes’ featured analysis “Gender Blind Isn’t Gender Neutral: Why Tax Policy Responses to COVID-19 Must Consider Women” by Michelle Harding, Grace Perez-Navarro, and Hannah Simon. The piece was original published on the OECD Ecoscope blog here.


May 2020
Rasmus Corlin Christensen interviewed on Danish television

ICTD Research Associate Rasmus Corlin Christensen was interviewed by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s TV news programme “Deadline” about how the Covid-19 crisis amplifies issues of globalisation, including tax havens. He spoke about recent controversies over tax havens and flags of convenience used in the shipping industry, and how the pandemic is underscoring their negative impacts. Watch the segment in Danish here (starting around 21:15).