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In most low-income countries, property tax performance as a percentage of GDP oscillates between:
The administration of the property tax consists of five technical steps listed below, except one, which is:
Property tax is important for local governments for the outlined reason below:
"Property taxes should be easy to collect, as property is visible and immovable – and collection will increase over time with property values."
After the implementation of a property tax reform, revenues are expected to increase five-fold in the following city:
Information technology has enormous potential to improve property tax performance but have been frequently unsuccessful because of the following reason:
What, among the following factors, can increase taxpayers’ trust and compliance?
Which of the following cities has tested the points-based methodology as a system for valuing properties

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United Cities and Local Governments

The UCLG is a global network of cities and local and regional governments working on governance issues. Its section on Local Governance contains reports on local finances, including interesting insights into property tax performance in several countries.

World Observatory on Subnational Government Finance and Investment 

This interactive website contains information on local finances in several countries around the world. SNG WOFI also publishes reports on revenues and investments with a section explicitly dedicated to property tax.

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

The Lincoln Institute website has a good number of articles, blogs, and reports on several aspects of property tax, with fascinating insights on property tax performance trends, recent reforms, and property tax system designs.

World Bank Knowledge Repository

Explore reports and working papers on tax systems published regularly in low and middle-income countries and valuable for understanding the overall functioning of property tax systems, their weaknesses and strategies for improvements.