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Picture of Accra Ghana
December 2021|

Implementing a systems approach for effective property taxation in Ghana

by Peter Jongkind

Ghanaian local governments – metropolitan, municipal, and district assemblies (MMDAs) – face several challenges preventing them…

November 2021|

Increasing collection of income taxes via property ownership: The Borno State experience

by Grema Bukar, John Audu Aziganu, Mohammed Alkali & Mohammed Bashir Ali

Borno State, in north-eastern Nigeria, has faced intractable security challenges in the last decade that has led…

One hundred dollar banknotes flying and streaming from white box, isolated on white background.
October 2021|

Pandora’s box is open: What should lower-income countries do to tax the wealthy now?

by Giulia Mascagni & Rhiannon McCluskey

The recent Pandora Papers leak has exposed yet again the scandal of how the world’s rich…

Picture of Dakar, Senegal
August 2021|

Developing and adopting new digital tools for property tax reform in Dakar, Senegal 

by Bassirou Sarr, Justine Knebelmann & Victor Pouliquen

In June 2021, eight Senegalese tax agents based in the fiscal centre of Pikine, the country’s…

Dakar Roofs - Beach & Ocean
July 2021|

Strengthening property valuation for taxation in Dakar, Senegal

by Justine Knebelmann & Victor Pouliquen

Property taxes offer a significant potential for developing cities in Africa, which crucially need revenues to…

DRC Kananga
August 2020|

The Participation Dividend of Taxation in DRC and Beyond: Recent Evidence and Paths for Future Inquiry

by Elie Kabue Ngindu & Jonathan Weigel

One of the strongest arguments for investing in the tax capacity of developing countries is the…

Small house in Lagos
July 2020|

Insecurity underpins property rights in Lagos – no matter what class you are

by Olly Owen & Tom Goodfellow

Recurrent episodes of marginal communities being evicted from the waterfronts of Lagos have made global media headlines over…

Freetown just implemented a new property tax system that could quintuple revenue
May 2020|

Freetown just implemented a new property tax system that could quintuple revenue

by Abou Bakarr Kamara, Niccoló Meriggi & Wilson Prichard

In the next few weeks, residents of Freetown are expecting to receive new property tax bills…

November 2019|

Can property tax valuation in Africa be simplified? Lessons from a pilot project in Freetown, Sierra Leone

by Abou Bakarr Kamara, Graeme Stewart-Wilson, Julian Michel, Kevin Grieco, Niccoló Meriggi & Wilson Prichard

Across sub-Saharan Africa, ineffective property valuation presents a serious hurdle to strengthening local property taxes. Between…

March 2019|

Improving property tax collection: Lessons from Uganda

by Fred Andema, Nyah Zebong & Robert Raikes Mugangaizi

Local governments (LGs) across Uganda have recently been looking for ways to improve yields from their…

March 2019|

Property tax reform increases municipal revenue in Mzuzu, Malawi

by Alexander Chirambo & Rhiannon McCluskey

Mzuzu is the third largest city in Malawi. Before 2013, it collected very little property tax…

October 2018|

The APTI in Senegal: Accompanying the tax and land agency in improving property tax mobilisation

by Nyah Zebong

Property Tax Reform in Senegal In recent years there has been much focus in Africa on…