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Tax expenditures are controversial because: (check all that apply)
Tax expenditures are generally:
Governments sometimes grant tax expenditures: (check all that apply)
Do governments generally have detailed information on tax expenditures and their consequences?
Do governments generally make public the information they have on tax expenditures and their consequences?
CSO's should engage with tax expenditure issues because: (check all that apply)
Can CSO's appraise the effects of tax expenditures and devise better tax expenditure policy without help from the government?
Tax expenditure systems are unique to each country. Do CSO's in one country have little to learn from research done in other countries?

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Natural Resource Governance Institute

An important centre for research into the governance of the natural resource industry.

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

An inter-governmental initiative under which natural resource exporting governments and companies commit to disclosing information about their natural resource revenues and payments.

Database of civil society organisations working on tax

An attempt by the International Budget Partnership to map all civil society organisations working on tax issues.

Transparency and Accountability Initiative

A collective of large private donors that supports practical measures to improve the transparency and accountability of government operations, especially financial operations.

Resource Governance Index

Provides a detailed assessment of the quality of governance of the natural resource sector for all significant producing countries.