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Current Project

Leveraging DFS and Digital IDs for Improved Tax Collection in the Togo Revenue Authority (OTR)

Dorothy Kang’oro, Ignatius Odongo & Fidèle Kanyarugero Ngerero
Current Project

Examining Digital Payments in Rwanda as a Medium for Tax Compliance

Ludovic Bernad, Yves Nsengiyumva, Benjamin Byinshi & Fabrizio Santoro, ICTD
Current Project

Tax Revenue in Emerging Markets and Developing Countries: Do Mobile Financial Services Matter?

Alphonse Noah, Martine Tania Azoa Balengla, Joseph Keneck Massil & Bernard Clery Nomo Beyala
Current Project

Extent of Adoption and Effective Data Utilisation from Digitalised Tax Payment Systems and Digital IDs among States’ Taxing Authorities in Nigeria

Abdulsalam Mas’ud, Sani Mohammed Damamisau & Yusuf Abdu Gimba
Current Project

The Making of Zimbabwe Mobile Money Tax

Simbarashe Hamudi
Current Project

Impact of Compulsory e-Payments on Compliance in Eswatini

Fabrizio Santoro, ICTD, Razan Amine, ICTD & Tanele Magongo
Current Project

Review of Tax Payment Technologies: Uses, Benefits, Drawbacks, and Future Options

Moyosore Awera, ICTD, Laura Munoz, ICTD & Fabrizio Santoro, ICTD
Current Project

Tax e-Services in Rwanda: Uptake, Impacts and Shifts after COVID-19

Fabrizio Santoro, ICTD, Marco Carreras, Adrienne Lees, ICTD, Theonille Mukamana, Naphtal Hakizimana & Yves Nsegyiumva
Current Project

From Hand to Mouse Redux: Data, Technology and Tax Administration in Africa: A Review of Existing Evidence

Fabrizio Santoro, ICTD, Laura Munoz, ICTD, Giulia Mascagni, ICTD & Giovanni Occhiali, ICTD
Current Project

Comparison of Taxation of DFS Versus Traditional Financial Services in Nine African Countries

Hannelore Niesten, ICTD & Chris Wales, ICTD
Current Project

Digital Payment Tax Factsheets

Completed Project

The Status and Interpretation of Tax Treaties in Unitary and Federal Legal Systems: Ethiopia and Kenya in Comparative Perspective

Misganaw Gashaw Beza