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Completed Project

How do African tax administrations adopt new technology?

Giovanni Occhiali, ICTD & Doris Akol, ICTD
Completed Project

Data, Technology and Tax Administration in Developing Countries: Review of Existing Evidence

Fabrizio Santoro, Laura Muñoz, Giulia Mascagni & Giovanni Occhiali
Completed Project

Taxing the Financial Sector in Uganda

Adrienne Lees, ICTD & Chris Wales, ICTD
Completed Project

The Mobile Money Tax in Uganda: Study of the Policymaking Process

Adrienne Lees, ICTD & Doris Akol, ICTD
Completed Project

The taxation of DFS in the broader context of taxing the financial and mobile payments sector: A Cross-country study

Chris Wales, ICTD
Completed Project

Review of evidence on the impacts of digital financial services

Phil Mader, Institute of Development Studies & Maren Duvendack, University of East Anglia
Completed Project

How to approach the taxation of Digital financial services? A framework to understand and assess tax policies on digital financial services

Laura Munoz, ICTD, Mick Moore, ICTD & Phil Mader, Institute of Development Studies
Completed Project

Zakat, tax and the state: Obligation and charity in times of Covid-19

Max Gallien, Vanessa van den Boogaard, Umair Javed & Soukayna Remmal
Completed Project

Is Value Added Withholding Tax effective as a tool of enhancing VAT and total revenue generation?

Simbarashe Hamudi
Completed Project

National Authority and Contestation in Global Tax Governance: Transfer Pricing Regulations in Sub Sahara Africa

Cassandra Vet & Danny Cassimon
Completed Project

Revenue shortfalls from domestic and trade taxes in the wake of COVID: evidence from Eswatini, Rwanda, Uganda, Sierra Leone and South Africa

Giulia Mascagni, Giovanni Occhiali, Adrienne Lees & Fabrizio Santoro
Completed Project

How reliable are Taxpayers’ Tax Returns Data? Data Management in Uganda Revenue Authority

Jova Mayega, URA, Jane Nabuyondo, URA, Milly Nalukwago, URA & Ronald Waiswa, URA