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Completed Project

Comparison of Taxation of DFS Versus Traditional Financial Services in Nine African Countries

Hannelore Niesten, ICTD & Chris Wales, ICTD
Completed Project

Digital Payment Tax Factsheets

Mary Abounabhan & Hannelore Niesten
Current Project

The Status and Interpretation of Tax Treaties in Unitary and Federal Legal Systems: Ethiopia and Kenya in Comparative Perspective

Misganaw Gashaw Beza
Completed Project

The political economy of conflict and taxation in Somalia

Vanessa van den Boogaard & Najibullah Nor Isak
Current Project

Can rural property taxation generate revenue? Measuring costs and potential revenue in Sierra Leone

Kevin Grieco
Completed Project

Taliban Taxation System in Afghanistan

Rahmatullah Amiri & Ashley Jackson
Current Project

What is the incidence of informal taxation on inequality in access to school?

Bienvenu Matungulu, Tom De Herdt & Christian Kamala Kaghoma
Current Project

Tax and Gender in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Yannick Lokaya Bokasola, Eddy Junior Ngwakoyo & Jean Claude Ipungu Ikossa
Completed Project

Fiscal Decentralization and Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in sub-Saharan Africa: A critical literature survey and perspective for future research

Ndamsa Dickson Thomas & Mark Wiykiynyuy Tangwa
Completed Project

Evidence Review: digital financial services, digital ID systems and tax administration

Laura Muñoz, ICTD & Moyosore Arewa, ICTD
Completed Project

How do African tax administrations adopt new technology?

Giovanni Occhiali, ICTD & Doris Akol, ICTD
Completed Project

Data, Technology and Tax Administration in Developing Countries: Review of Existing Evidence

Fabrizio Santoro, Laura Muñoz, Giulia Mascagni & Giovanni Occhiali