Capacity building program with Uganda and Rwanda revenue authorities

Project Researchers: Jalia Kangave
Partners: Uganda Revenue Authority, Rwanda Revenue Authority
Past Project

On February 8th, the International Centre for Tax and Development (ICTD) announced a new capacity-building program with the Ugandan and Rwandan Revenue Authorities. This project will be a year-long pilot of workshops and collaborative research between researchers from the ICTD and staff from the revenue authorities in Rwanda and Uganda. The course is mostly about doing analysis and research on topics of tax administration and tax policy. Participants will be guided through the full cycle of conducting research and disseminating research findings. They will learn about formulating policy relevant research questions, undertaking literature reviews, methods to employ in conducting research and writing and disseminating research findings. The first two modules of the pilot program will run in May 2019. All participants will be expected to finalise their research projects and submit draft working papers by the end of March 2020. The best papers will be offered a chance to be published in the ICTD’s publication series.