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Completed Project

The Collateral Effects of Evictions on Property Tax Morale: Class, Preferences and Signals from the State

Lily Tsai, Leah Rosenzweig & Nicole Wilson
Current Project

The Political Economy of Progressive Property Tax Reform: Evidence from Pakistan

Ali Cheema, Shandana Khan Mohmand, Adnan Qadir Khan, Michael Carlos Best, Ali Abbas, Ahsan Zia Farooqui & Muhammad Ahmad Amin
Current Project

Anatomy of Filing Non-Compliance in VAT Systems

Tejaswi Vlayudhan
Completed Project

Perversity in Sri Lanka’s tax administration

Mick Moore, Institute of Development Studies
Current Project

Not-so-freeway- informal taxation and the everyday cost of conflict in Northeast India

Shalaka Thakur
Current Project

Taxpayer engagement and government accountability in Kenya

Brian Wampler & Michael Touchton
Current Project

Informal taxation and gender in the informal economy in Accra

Max Gallien, Institute of Development Studies & Vanessa van den Boogaard, University of Toronto
Current Project

Assessing the capability of market vendors in promoting good tax governance in local councils in Malawi

Tizgowere Msiska & Masauko Thawe
Current Project

An Empirical Study for the Case for the Introduction of Advance Pricing Agreements in Low and Lower-Middle Income Countries

Prisca Musibi & Mary Ongore
Current Project

The Impact of Double Tax Avoidance Treaties on Foreign Direct Investment in Nepal

Bishal Chalise
Completed Project

Double Tax Treaties between countries with asymmetric investment flows

Pranvera Shehaj & Martin Zagler
Current Project

Paying attention to the fiscal nuances at play in negotiating DTAs

Maarten Hietland, Lyla Latif & Sidonie East