Learning from Successful Reform in Sierra Leone

Project Researchers: Graeme Stewart-Wilson & Wilson Prichard
Current Project

This project will involve the hiring of one (1) research officer type position, though as an international consultant, who will be responsible for working with researchers and tax authorities in Sierra Leone to document and derive lessons from ongoing and relatively successful reform efforts. The contract will initially be for nine months, of which about five months are expected to be spent in Freetown, Sierra Leone, with the possibility of extension. The work will involve writing up at least two (2) case studies – one related to reform efforts at the National Revenue Agency, led by long time ICTD partner Samuel Jibao, and one related to efforts to reform the property tax system in Freetown, which are being actively supported by the ICTD/APTI. Additional case studies with the NRA may also be pursued, which we expect the case study themselves to be accompanied by additional shorter written pieces to support dissemination, including blogs and/or policy briefs. In addition to work on these case studies, the contractee will contribute regularly, and as needed, to providing writing support to the ICTD program.