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July 2018|

The Land Use Charge controversy in Lagos: What lessons to learn?

by Tom Goodfellow, Bukola Bolarinwa & Olly Owen

Since the turn of the millennium, the Lagos State government has made no secret of its…

June 2018|

Property Taxation in Madagascar: An Urgent Need for Reform

by Nyah Zebong

The APTI in Madagascar Much attention has been paid recently to improving local government finances in…

tax and inequality
May 2018|

Three wealth tax add-ons developing countries should consider

by Jason Oh & Eric Zolt

Interest in wealth taxes has spiked recently due to disclosures of tax-haven abuses by the ultra-wealthy…

May 2018|

Why illicit financial flows and multinational tax avoidance are not the same thing

by Maya Forstater

Professor Sol Picciotto recently wrote an article which responds to a paper I wrote on the…

May 2018|

Why tax avoidance is illicit

by Sol Picciotto

In a recent paper, revised and published as a blog post, I argued that tax avoidance…

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May 2018|

When Does Beneficial Ownership Transparency Improve Revenue Collection? Three Considerations for Developing Countries

by Wilson Prichard

Recent years have witnessed an accelerating push to expand access to information on the beneficial ownership…

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March 2018|

A withhold up in Mongolia? Thoughts on the renewed tax debate around Oyu Tolgoi

by Alexandra Readhead & David Mihalyi

This piece is available in Mongolian here. Governments of mining countries are vulnerable to investors using…

January 2018|

High time for cooperation to protect tax bases

by Mick Moore

In the past two decades, the debate on international taxation has changed considerably. While the system…

December 2017|

Taxation of Digital Companies: Facebook as a Case Study

by Obafemi Awolowo University Tax Club

Nigeria is one of the fastest-growing online nations on earth, with 91.6 million Nigerians online as…

December 2017|

New Toolkit Aims to Curb Transfer Mispricing in African Mining

by Alexandra Readhead

Recently, 38 African tax authorities convened in Abuja for the International Conference on Tax in Africa,…

October 2017|

Updated Government Revenue Dataset provides new insights into developing country tax collection trends

by Kyle McNabb

The increasing focus on domestic resource mobilization in developing countries means that, for researchers and policy…

April 2017|

Tax and transparency: When are public disclosure mechanisms necessary and proportionate?

by Maya Forstater

Nations vary in their approach to transparency about taxpayers. In Norway details of everyone’s income and…