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November 2016|

Make informal businesses profitable, then seek taxes

by Anzetse Were

Last week I participated in a panel discussion at the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Tax Summit…

Nigeria blog chart
September 2016|

How to fix Nigeria? Seven Key Issues

by Oluseun Onigbinde

A secure nation On a visit to Kigali, a lady extolled their army and why they…

August 2016|

How One African City Is Flipping the Script on Urban Development

by Liam Taylor

From Wall Street to the World Bank, people are looking at Kampala as a model for…

ICTD panel pic 50th
July 2016|

Give and you shall receive? Taxation and fiscal contracts in Africa

by Rhiannon McCluskey

Last week, the Institute of Development Studies hosted its 50th anniversary conference titled “States, Markets and…

Pettah Sri Lanka
June 2016|

A home-grown remedy for Sri Lanka’s revenue crisis?

by Mick Moore

Sri Lankans sometimes like to claim perverse records for their country. You will likely have heard…

April 2016|

Why African governments should tax the rich

by Rhiannon McCluskey

A great deal of attention has been paid to the obstacles African governments face in effectively…

March 2016|

The ICTD government revenue dataset: still the best option for researchers

by Kyle McNabb & Wilson Prichard

In 2010, the ICTD launched efforts to create the ICTD government revenue dataset (GRD), which is…

February 2016|

Malawi Can’t Afford Evidence-Free Tax Campaigns

by Maya Forstater

Over the past couple of weeks Malawi has become the latest poster child for UK campaigns…

January 2016|

Five Questions About Property Taxation in Africa: Insights from the ICTD Roundtable

by Rhiannon McCluskey

It is widely recognised that property taxation is the most viable, efficient, and progressive means of…

January 2016|

Will Google dispute spark global tax war, despite OECD tax agreement?

by Mick Moore

On Wednesday, 31 countries formally agreed to support and implement one of the main recommendations put forward by…

December 2015|

Is responsible tax behaviour the next frontier of CSR?

by Rhiannon McCluskey

In the past decades, the evolution of international norms has led fair labour practices and environmental…

November 2015|

IMF Speech at the launch of the Government Revenue Dataset

The official launch of the International Centre for Tax and Development (ICTD) Government Revenue Dataset September…