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Money bundle
May 2021|

The Zakat as a means of wealth redistribution: What role for the state?

by Fatema Johoora

While many economists and politicians have begun to talk seriously about using wealth taxes to raise…

January 2021|

Open Societies, Tax, and the British Aid Programme

by Mick Moore, Wilson Prichard & Giulia Mascagni

What is the connection between taxation and more open societies that the British aid programme aims…

The Addis Tax Initiative_Group Picture in Paris
December 2020|

The Addis Tax Initiative Declaration 2025: Renewing commitment for action on domestic revenue mobilisation

by Laura Wilson & Mamadou Gueye

It is widely recognised that “business as usual” will not close the estimated financing gap of…

Classroom in a school in Sierra Leone
November 2020|

The inequity of informal financing of public education in Sierra Leone

by Vanessa van den Boogaard

Though education is a core duty of the state, public education in Sierra Leone is financed…

Civil society members demonstrating for tax justice
November 2020|

Civil society organisations and taxation: Emerging trends and priorities

by Ruvimbo Chidziva & Fariya Mohiuddin

During the summer of 2020, the International Budget Partnership (IBP) and the International Centre for Tax…

Lego Office on Keyboard
September 2020|

How governments can use the coronavirus pandemic to build better tax systems

by Roel Dom, Anna Custers & Benjamin Holzman

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, changes that might ordinarily take a few years are now occurring in…

Small house in Lagos
July 2020|

Insecurity underpins property rights in Lagos – no matter what class you are

by Tom Goodfellow & Olly Owen

Recurrent episodes of marginal communities being evicted from the waterfronts of Lagos have made global media headlines over…

People advocating for Tax justice
July 2020|

Building coalitions to promote equitable taxation beyond the Covid era

by Vanessa van den Boogaard, Jason Lakin & Paolo de Renzio

This piece is co-published with the International Budget Partnership.  Since its onset, governments the world over…

Protest for MPs to pay their taxes in Uganda
June 2020|

How can civil society help achieve more equitable and accountable tax systems?

by Vanessa van den Boogaard

There is growing international attention on tax collection in low-income countries. This attention is only amplifying…

How should we tax after the pandemic?
May 2020|

How should we tax after the pandemic?

by Mick Moore & Wilson Prichard

Globally, tax collections are declining. Governments have cancelled or postponed some tax dues in the effort…

Picture of Lagos
April 2020|

To help respond to Covid-19, African governments should prioritise taxing the rich

by Wilson Prichard

So far, policy discussions about tax responses to Covid-19 have focused overwhelmingly on how to offer…

Market with street vendors
April 2020|

Unpacking Formalisation: The need for a new research agenda on taxation and the informal economy

by Vanessa van den Boogaard & Max Gallien

ICTD Informality and Taxation blog series The ICTD’s Informality and Tax programme seeks to conduct, connect,…