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Working Paper

Taxation and Livelihoods: A Review of the Evidence from Fragile and Conflict-Affected Rural Areas

by Oliver Lough, Richard Mallett & Paul Harvey
June 2015
Working Paper

Obstacles to Increasing Tax Revenues in Low Income Countries

by Mick Moore
December 2013
Working Paper

Is the International Tax System Fit for Purpose, Especially for Developing Countries?

by Sol Picciotto
September 2013
Working Paper

The Political Economy of Tax Reform in Bangladesh: Political Settlements, Informal Institutions and the Negotiation of Reform

by Mirza Hassan & Wilson Prichard
November 2013
Working Paper

Low Government Revenue from the Mining Sector in Zambia and Tanzania: Fiscal Design, Technical Capacity or Political Will?

by Olav Lundstøl, Gaël Raballand & Fuvya Nyirongo
September 2015
Working Paper

People’s Views of Taxation in Africa: A Review of Research on Determinants of Tax Compliance

by Odd-Helge Fjeldstad, Collette Schulz-Herzenberg & Ingrid Hoem Sjursen
September 2012
Working Paper

Local Government Revenue Mobilisation in Anglophone Africa

by Odd-Helge Fjeldstad & Kari K. Heggstad
October 2012
Working Paper

Donors, Aid and Taxation in Developing Countries: An Overview

by Wilson Prichard, Jean-François Brun & Oliver Morrissey
September 2012
Working Paper

Caught in a Trap: Zambia’s Mineral Tax Reforms

by David Manley
September 2012
Working Paper

Taxing the Informal Economy: Challenges, Possibilities and Remaining Questions

by Anuradha Joshi, Wilson Prichard & Christopher Heady
August 2012
Working Paper

Financing Security through Elite Taxation: The Case of Colombia’s ‘Democratic Security Taxes’

by Gustavo A. Flores-Macías
July 2012
Working Paper

Environmental Taxation and Development: A Scoping Study

by Stephen Spratt
June 2012