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Research in Brief

Taxation and Livelihoods: A Review of the Evidence from Fragile and Conflict-Affected Rural Areas

by Oliver Lough, Richard Mallett & Paul Harvey
February 2014
Research in Brief

Local Government Revenue Mobilisation in Anglophone Africa

by Odd-Helge Fjeldstad & Kari K. Heggstad
October 2013
Research in Brief

Donors, Aid and Taxation in Developing Countries – An overview

by Wilson Prichard, Jean-François Brun & Oliver Morrissey
October 2013
Research in Brief

Taxing the Informal Economy: Challenges, Possibilities and Remaining Questions

by Anuradha Joshi, Wilson Prichard & Christopher Heady
October 2013
Research in Brief

Environmental Taxation and Development

by Stephen Spratt
October 2013
Research in Brief

Taxation and Development: What Have We Learned from Fifty Years of Research?

by Richard M. Bird
October 2013
Policy Brief

How Does Taxation Affect the Quality of Governance?

by Mick Moore & Sue Unsworth (Caroline Knowles,Natasha Hickman eds.)
March 2007
Partner Publication

Using Local IT Solutions to Improve Local Government Tax Reform

by Wilson Prichard
March 2014
Journal Article

The political economy of property tax in Africa: Explaining reform outcomes in Sierra Leone

by Samuel Jibao & Wilson Prichard
May 2015

Taxation, Responsiveness and Accountability in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Dynamics of Tax Bargaining

by Wilson Prichard
October 2015

Unitary Taxation in Federal and Regional Integrated Markets

by Erika Dayle Siu with Milly Isingoma Nalukwago,Rachmanto Surahmat,Marcos Aurélio Pereira Valadão
September 2014

Lessons for International Tax Reform from the US State Experience under Formulary Apportionment

by Kimberly A. Clausing
March 2014