We are delighted to announce Giulia Mascagni will be ICTD’s new Executive Director from 1st July 2024. Mascagni is taking over from Wilson Prichard, who has served as Executive Director since May 2020, after having served as founding Research Director of the ICTD from 2010-2020.

Mascagni joined ICTD in 2014 and has served as Research Director from 2016. She is an economist by training, holding a PhD in Economics from the University of Sussex. Mascagni leads ICTD’s work on tax administration and compliance and has been instrumental in driving our work on gender and tax. She has extensive experience working with revenue authorities on the African continent, and much of her research so far has focused on Ethiopia and Rwanda.

Mascagni said, “The ICTD has a wonderful team and a transformative programme of practical, collaborative, and impactful research. This work is more important than ever to support lower-income countries raise adequate financing for development in a way that also promotes equity and accountability. I am honoured by the opportunity to lead the ICTD into an exciting new chapter, and I am very grateful to Will for his great service as ED.

In Focus Interview with Giulia Mascagni

Wilson Prichard remains a core member of ICTD and LoGRI

Prichard will remain a core member of the ICTD, refocusing his attention on research, engagement and reform support.

He will continue to lead the Local Government Revenue Initiative, which has expanded substantially in recent years, while also contributing actively to broader ICTD work, including projects related to digitalisation, taxing the wealthy, the politics of tax reform and taxation of the informal sector.

Reflecting on the move, Prichard said “This is an enormously exciting time for the ICTD.  It has a stronger team, network of partners and global reach than at any time in our history.  And in Giulia we have the ideal successor as Executive Director: a research leader in our field, a trusted partner of tax authorities, a respected voice in policy debates and a longstanding leader within the ICTD.”

He added, “With the centre in such a strong position this is the perfect time to pass the leadership baton, in order to re-focus on research and to drawing on ICTD research to work with partners on the design of effective, equitable and accountable reform programs.”

A selection of key publications by Giulia Mascagni

Giulia has written and co-written over 50 publications drawing on her ICTD research. Here is a selection of papers, journal articles and policy briefings which capture some of this output: