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Public Release of Afrobarometer Merged Round 5 Dataset

  Afrobarometer has recently released the full Round 5 merged dataset, which will be very useful for researchers….

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New Study: How Much Do We Really Know about Multinational Tax Avoidance and How Much Is it Really Worth?

How Much Do We Really Know about Multinational Tax Avoidance and How Much Is it Really…

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Trust key to building tax capacity for future development financing

At the forthcoming Third Financing for Development Conference taking place in Addis Ababa, governments will be urged to…

Creating a fairer and more sustainable international tax system: What is the EU’s role?

As world leaders prepare to gather in Addis Ababa in July to discuss the future financing…

Capacity Building for International Taxation in African Revenue Authorities

This is an ongoing research project, which aims to explore the effectiveness of international capacity building…

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Sustainable Development Goals – Reject Tax Targeting

There is good news in the agenda for the Third Financing for Development Conference to be held in…

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Boosting Revenue Collections from High Net worth Individuals in Uganda

The International Centre for Tax and Development is currently funding a research project on compliance management…

What do we know about the mineral resource rent sharing in Africa?

African governments that lack the capacity to mine resources themselves have to attract Foreign Direct Investment…