On Friday 8th February 2019, the International Centre for Tax and Development (ICTD) and the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) will be organising the presentation in Kigali of research papers on tax administration in Africa authored by staff of African tax administrations or ministries of finance.

The purpose of this event is to encourage and support useful, policy-oriented research by African professionals directly involved in tax administration or policy.

We now invite authors to submit their papers. Successful authors will:

  • Be invited to participate in the 2019 Annual Meeting of the ICTD, hosted by the RRA, and being held in Kigali over the period 5-7th
  • Be provided with travel to the meeting, accommodation and subsistence for the four days of meetings.
  • Receive mentoring and support from professional researchers associated with the ICTD, to enable them to improve their research and their presentation thereof, hopefully for publication in the African Tax Administration Paper series.

Should you wish to present a paper, please send your proposal to ICTD Coordinator, Oliver Roy at [email protected] by December 7th 2018.

Your proposal should include either:

(a) a copy of the paper if one is already available; or
(b) a complete summary of the research findings; or
(c) a detailed description of research that is already underway and for which results will be available by February 2019

We will select a maximum of 8 papers, and will fund no more than one presenter per paper. Papers should be based on original research, and relevant to policy and practice. We look forward to receiving your submissions!