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January 2018|

High time for cooperation to protect tax bases

by Mick Moore

In the past two decades, the debate on international taxation has changed considerably. While the system…

December 2017|

New Toolkit Aims to Curb Transfer Mispricing in African Mining

by Alexandra Readhead

Recently, 38 African tax authorities convened in Abuja for the International Conference on Tax in Africa,…

Beggar in Paris
April 2017|

The UN Tax Committee holds out the begging bowl

by Sol Picciotto

Last week the UN Committee of Experts on International Tax (UNTC) met at the United Nations…

Cobham Jansky 2017 WIDER 14
March 2017|

Estimating tax avoidance: New findings, new questions

by Alex Cobham

There are now a range of estimates of the global scale of tax avoidance. These include:…

8 August 2017 - 11 August 2017
Taxation & Transparency Short Course

The ICTD is pleased to annouce a new four-day course on Taxation and Transparency to be…

Documentary Screening & Discussion: The Price We Pay with John Christensen

On Tuesday March 28th, the ICTD is hosting a documentary film screening with special guest John…


Taxing Multinational Enterprises as Unitary Firms

February 2017|

New Book Examines Alternative Approach to Taxing Multinational Companies

by Alex Cobham

International tax rules for multinational companies appear to be approaching a major crossroads, for three reasons….

January 2017|

Improving Natural Resource Taxation in Developing Countries

by Michael Durst

Policy-makers in developing countries, when choosing a mix of fiscal instruments to govern a mining or…

Job Posting: International Tax Researcher
Job Posting: International Tax Researcher

The ICTD has since 2013 supported a number of research projects and programs on international tax…

Policy Brief

International Corporate Taxation

January 2016|

Will Google dispute spark global tax war, despite OECD tax agreement?

by Mick Moore

On Wednesday, 31 countries formally agreed to support and implement one of the main recommendations put forward by…