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Developing countries at risk of being left behind in global tax reform, say researchers

Press Release Today, the G20 Finance Ministers are meeting in Washington D.C. to consider the OECD’s…

August 2019|

The Global Debate on Taxing the Digital Economy – How do African Countries Stand to Benefit?

by Joy Ndubai

When the OECD’s ‘Inclusive Framework’ invited public input on the possible solutions to the tax challenges…

August 2019|

Africa responds to the Inclusive Framework’s digital tax agenda

by Martin Hearson

Africa has an important role to play in current plans to reform international tax rules in…

August 2019|

Taxing Digital Transnational Corporations: Indian Policy Initiatives

by Lakshmi Narayanan

The difficulties of taxing digital TNCs Taxing Trans-National Corporations (TNCs) that do business through digital platforms…

July 2019|

Europe is targeting Big Tech with new taxes. It’s straining the transatlantic alliance.

by Martin Hearson & Rasmus Corlin Christensen

Trump’s new investigation is only the latest skirmish in this new divide. Last week, President Trump…

ICTD convenes international workshop on tax challenges of the digitalisation of the economy

During 2019 and 2020, governments of over 130 countries, led by the OECD and G20, are…

ICTD welcomes new Research Fellow Martin Hearson

The ICTD is pleased to welcome Martin Hearson to the team. He will be leading the…

Call for proposals: International taxation and development (Closed)

Context The international tax system is changing rapidly. We see substantial changes in both international tax…

March 2019|

A new stage of change for international tax

by Sol Picciotto

The international tax event of the year took place on the 13-14th of March in Paris….

Journal Article

Profit-Split Method: Time for Countries to Apply a Standardized Approach

January 2018|

High time for cooperation to protect tax bases

by Mick Moore

In the past two decades, the debate on international taxation has changed considerably. While the system…

December 2017|

New Toolkit Aims to Curb Transfer Mispricing in African Mining

by Alexandra Readhead

Recently, 38 African tax authorities convened in Abuja for the International Conference on Tax in Africa,…