ICTD Welcomes New Research Proposals


The ICTD is now in a position to fund new research proposals on tax and development.

We welcome all proposals that are potentially policy-relevant and relate to either:

We particularly welcome proposals from African researchers that will also help build tax research capacity in Africa, especially within tax administrations and ministries of finance.

There is no deadline, we are accepting proposals on a rolling basis. You can submit your initial proposal via this form. Research grants can be small or large, based on the scale of the project proposed and the research methodology. Research projects can also be long-term. See more information on the process for developing and submitting your research proposal here.

Please note: Due to the unprecedented challenges and risks posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are not funding new research projects anywhere that involve face-to-face interactions (i.e. surveys, interviews, focus group discussions) at this time. This reflects both immediate health risks and a desire to avoid initiating new activities that are at high risk of being disrupted in the case of further spread of COVID-19.

We nevertheless strongly encourage researchers to submit proposals for project preparation grants, which may fund preparatory desk-based research in support of a broader research project that may be undertaken at an undetermined later date. Likewise, we encourage researchers to submit proposals to analyse data that they already have available to them or to collect data that does not involve face-to-face interactions. 

We will regularly review this policy. Please send any queries relating to this call to info@ictd.ac


Image credit: © Vanessa van den Boogaard