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Completed Project

Does Gender Matter in Tax Compliance? The Case of URA’s Individual Taxpayers

Ronald Waiswa, Uganda Revenue Authority, Nathan Sebaggala & Jalia Kangave, ICTD
Completed Project

Improving State Taxation Capacity using Administrative Data

Aprajit Mahajan, JPAL-South Asia, Shekhar Mittal & Ofir Reich
Completed Project

The Myth of Gender Tax Compliance in Ethiopian Enterprises

Seid Yimam Mohamed & Fissha Asmare Marye
Completed Project

Rethinking Tax Morale

Wilson Prichard, University of Toronto
Completed Project

What shapes tax morale in Ethiopia?

Gebrelibanos Hadush Amare, Raya University, Nega Afera Reda & Gebremeskel Hailu Tesfay
Completed Project

The impact of intergovernmental transfers on fiscal behaviors of local governments in Ethiopia

Dejene Mamo Bekana
Current Project

Learning from Successful Reform in Sierra Leone

Graeme Stewart-Wilson & Wilson Prichard
Completed Project

Enhancing Tax Compliance Using GIS: A case study in Uganda

Stephanie Sweet, Johns Hopkins SAIS & Simon Muyunga
Completed Project

Using third-party data to improve tax compliance in a context of low enforcement

Léo Czajka, UCLouvain, Mattea Stein & Bassirou Sarr
Completed Project

Capacity building program with Uganda and Rwanda revenue authorities

Jalia Kangave
Current Project

Tax Collection and Bureaucrat Accountability: Experimental Evidence from the DRC

Laura Paler, Augustin Bergeron, Gabriel Tourek & Jonathan L Wiegel
Completed Project

Bringing Property Owners into the Tax Net in Senegal

Justine Knebelmann, Paris School of Economics, Victor Pouliquen & Bassirou Sarr