This project has two key objectives. The first is to explore the historical legacies of weak taxation in Somalia, considering how both the colonial and post-colonial legacies of rule, governance, and statebuilding have affected the capacity of the state to collect tax and entrenched political settlements that continue to disrupt revenue potential in the contemporary period. The second is to explore how these historical legacies and the legacies of conflict have shaped the political settlements that in turn determine the realm of what is possible in terms of revenue collection in the country.





Vanessa van den Boogaard

Vanessa van den Boogaard is a Research Fellow at the ICTD and a Senior Research Associate at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto. She completed her PhD thesis on informal revenue generation and statebuilding in Sierra Leone, and has ongoing research on the topic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Somalia. Vanessa leads the ICTD’s new programme on civil society engagement in tax reform and co-leads the research programme on informal taxation.

Najibullah Nor Isak