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Current Project

Tax harmonisation within the West African Economic and Monetary Union

Raissatou Joelle Traore
Current Project

An Empirical Study for the Case for the Introduction of Advance Pricing Agreements in Low and Lower-Middle Income Countries

Prisca Musibi & Mary Ongore
Current Project

The Impact of Double Tax Avoidance Treaties on Foreign Direct Investment in Nepal

Bishal Chalise
Completed Project

Double Tax Treaties between countries with asymmetric investment flows

Pranvera Shehaj & Martin Zagler
Current Project

Paying attention to the fiscal nuances at play in negotiating DTAs

Maarten Hietland, Lyla Latif & Sidonie East
Current Project

The Status and Interpretation of Tax Treaties in Unitary and Federal Legal Systems: Ethiopia and Kenya in Comparative Perspective

Misganaw Gashaw Beza
Completed Project

National Authority and Contestation in Global Tax Governance: Transfer Pricing Regulations in Sub Sahara Africa

Cassandra Vet & Danny Cassimon
Completed Project

Tax Treaties and High Growth Entrepreneurship: Firm-Level Evidence across Developing African Countries

Uchenna Efobi, Covenant University & Oluwabunmi Adejumo
Completed Project

Tax Treaty Aggressiveness: Who is Undermining Taxing Rights in Africa?

Markus Meinzer, Maimouna Diakite, Lucas Millan & Mirsolav Palansky
Completed Project

Effective Tax Rates of Multinational Enterprises in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Evidence from Country by Country Reporting

Petr Janský & Javier García Bernardo
Completed Project

Taxing international shipping in Africa: the source taxation alternative

Tatiana Falcao, European University Institute & Bob Michel