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Completed Project

The impact of mobile money taxation on financial inclusion: The case of the Kenyan excise duty

Marco Carrerras, Awa Diouf & Fabrizio Santoro
Completed Project

An Introduction to Digital Tax Payment Systems in Low-and Middle-Income Countries

Moyosore Arewa & Fabrizio Santoro
Completed Project

Digital financial services and digital IDs: What potential do they have for better taxation in Africa?

Fabrizio Santoro, Laura Munoz, Wilson Prichard & Giulia Mascagni
Completed Project

Should Governments Tax Digital Financial Services? A Research Agenda to Understand Sector-Specific Taxes on DFS

Laura Munoz, Giulia Mascagni, Wilson Prichard & Fabrizio Santoro

New taxpayer registration through ID – impacts on formalisation and revenue

Fabrizio Santoro & Stephen Okiya
Current Project

E-Levy and merchant payment exemptions in Ghana

Celeste Scarpini & Fabrizio Santoro
Completed Project

The Promise and Limitations of Information Technology for Tax Administration

Oyebola Okunogbe & Fabrizio Santoro, ICTD
Current Project

Inter-Institutional Data Sharing and Cooperation for Better Tax Administration – Evidence from Uganda

Fabrizio Santoro, ICTD, Moyosore Arewa, ICTD, Ronald Waiswa & Jane Nabuyondo
Completed Project

Examining Digital Payments in Rwanda as a Medium for Tax Compliance

Ludovic Bernad, Yves Nsengiyumva, Benjamin Byinshi & Fabrizio Santoro, ICTD
Completed Project

Impact of Compulsory e-Payments on Compliance in Eswatini

Fabrizio Santoro, ICTD, Razan Amine, ICTD & Tanele Magongo
Completed Project

Review of Tax Payment Technologies: Uses, Benefits, Drawbacks, and Future Options

Moyosore Awera, ICTD, Laura Munoz, ICTD & Fabrizio Santoro, ICTD
Current Project

Tax e-Services in Rwanda: Uptake, Impacts and Shifts after COVID-19

Fabrizio Santoro, ICTD, Marco Carreras, Adrienne Lees, ICTD, Theonille Mukamana, Naphtal Hakizimana & Yves Nsegyiumva