African Tax Administration Paper 8

Our research explores the factors that drive the ways in which small business owners perceive and use the Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS) in Nigeria. We surveyed nearly 500 small businesses. We apply logistic regression analysis to the survey data to determine which among a range of factors – relating to the ownership of businesses, their internal organisation and their external environment – most affect their use of ITAS. The business ownership characteristics that have most influence are: the owner’s level of education, whether they received ITAS training and their trust in the tax administration process. The most significant internal firm characteristics are: the use of an external auditor, tax consultant or computerised accounting system. The most important factor in the external environment is the extent to which tax offices advertise the availability of ITAS. Our findings suggest that tax officers’ collaboration with external auditors and tax consultants, provision of ITAS training and targeted advertisements and education campaigns will increase the positive perception and use of ITAS.

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Uchenna Efobi

Ibukun Beecroft

Tanankem Belmondo

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