ICTD Research In Brief 10

This ICTD Research in Brief is a two-page summary of ICTD Working Paper 19 by Wilson Prichard, Alex Cobham and Andrew Goodall. This series is aimed at policy makers, tax administrators, fellow researchers and anyone else who is big on interest and short on time. We hope you enjoy it.

This paper explains why existing sources of data on government revenue in developing countries are flawed, and how this undermines the roustness of research on the role of revenue and taxation in development. It presents a new Government Revenue Dataset to improve data accuracy and coverage.


Wilson Prichard

Wilson Prichard is an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto, a Research Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies, and Chief Executive Officer of the International Centre for Tax and Development. His research focuses on the relationship between taxation and citizen demands for improved governance in sub-Saharan Africa.

Alex Cobham

Alex is a development economist and chief executive at the international Tax Justice Network, and a visiting fellow at King's College London IDI. Over the last fifteen years Alex has held various policy and research posts, including as a research fellow at the Center for Global Development, as chief policy adviser at Christian Aid and head of research at Save the Children (UK), and at Oxford as a junior economics fellow at St Anne's college and as a researcher at Queen Elizabeth House.

Andrew Goodall

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