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Current Project

Mobile money and quality of tax administration and tax policy in developing countries

Ablam Estel Apeti & Eyah Denise Edoh
Current Project

Tax compliance and Digital Financial Services in Burkina Faso: The role of formal and informal

Jule Kaini Tinta & Mouhamed Zerbo
Current Project

The impact of mobile money taxation on SACCOS and their members in Tanzania

Stefanie Pfeil, Marius Siebert & Bashir Iddi
Current Project

The impact of taxation on mobile money agents: a case study on Cameroon

Ruth Tacneng, Alphonse Noah & Putra Pamungkas

New taxpayer registration through ID – impacts on formalisation and revenue

Fabrizio Santoro & Stephen Okiya
Current Project

E-Levy and merchant payment exemptions in Ghana

Celeste Scarpini & Fabrizio Santoro
Current Project

Perceptions, Impact, and Equity of Mobile Money taxation: The case of Ghana’s E-levy

Awa Diouf, Mary Abounabhan & Carlos Sakyi-Nyarko
Completed Project

Taxation of High Net Worth Individuals in Sierra Leone

Jalia Kangave, Giovanni Occhiali & Ishmail Kamara
Current Project

Does the Expansion of Tax Demands Lead to Greater Political Engagement and Demands for Accountability? Evidence from a Property Tax Reform in Sierra Leone

Wilson Prichard, Abou Bakar Kamara, Niccoló Meriggi, Kevin Grieco & Julian Michel
Current Project

Can Traditional Political Institutions Help the State Raise Taxes? Experimental Evidence from Sierra Leone

Kevin Grieco
Completed Project

The Collateral Effects of Evictions on Property Tax Morale: Class, Preferences and Signals from the State

Lily Tsai, Leah Rosenzweig & Nicole Wilson
Completed Project

The Political Economy of South Africa’s Carbon Tax

Lucy Baker