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Current Project

Perceptions, Impact, and Equity of Mobile Money taxation: The case of Ghana’s E-levy

Awa Diouf, Mary Abounabhan & Carlos Sakyi-Nyarko

Digital tax policy and tax revenue collection in Cameroon

Fossong Derrick, Ashu Mc Moi Ndi, Yenika Boris & Vushugeh Marvel Gwieh
Current Project

A comparative Analysis of the E-Transfer Levies in Ghana and Nigeria: Lessons and Experiences for the Taxation of Digital Financial Services

Hannelore Niesten & Christopher Wales
Completed Project

[TAX MAP] Taxation policies and Mobile money usage in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Cross-Country Survey Data

Awa Diouf & Hannelore Niesten
Completed Project

Evidence Gap Map on Digital Financial Services: Enablers, Barriers, and Impacts

Philip Mader, ICTD, Maren Duvendack, Adrienne Lees, ICTD, Aurelie Larquemin & Keir Macdonald, IDS
Completed Project

The Promise and Limitations of Information Technology for Tax Administration

Oyebola Okunogbe & Fabrizio Santoro, ICTD
Current Project

Understanding Retail Central Bank Digital Currencies and their Potential for Revenue Authorities

Moyosore Arewa, ICTD, Laura Munoz Perez, ICTD & Celeste Scarpini, ICTD
Current Project

Inter-Institutional Data Sharing and Cooperation for Better Tax Administration – Evidence from Uganda

Fabrizio Santoro, ICTD, Moyosore Arewa, ICTD, Ronald Waiswa & Jane Nabuyondo
Current Project

Leveraging DFS and Digital IDs for Improved Tax Collection in the Togo Revenue Authority (OTR)

Dorothy Kang’oro, Ignatius Odongo & Fidèle Kanyarugero Ngerero
Completed Project

Examining Digital Payments in Rwanda as a Medium for Tax Compliance

Ludovic Bernad, Yves Nsengiyumva, Benjamin Byinshi & Fabrizio Santoro, ICTD
Current Project

Tax Revenue in Emerging Markets and Developing Countries: Do Mobile Financial Services Matter?

Alphonse Noah, Martine Tania Azoa Balengla, Joseph Keneck Massil & Bernard Clery Nomo Beyala
Current Project

Extent of Adoption and Effective Data Utilisation from Digitalised Tax Payment Systems and Digital IDs among States’ Taxing Authorities in Nigeria

Abdulsalam Mas’ud, Sani Mohammed Damamisau & Yusuf Abdu Gimba