The ICTD is pleased to share that Dr. Waziona Ligomeka has been appointed as the Director of Policy, Planning and Research at the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA). Dr. Ligomeka successfully completed his PhD at the Institute of Development Studies earlier this year under the supervision of ICTD CEO Professor Mick Moore and ICTD Research Director Giulia Mascagni.

Dr. Ligomeka’s thesis analysed the factors that influence tax compliance in developing countries with a particular focus on Malawi. See his recently published paper “Assessing the Performance of African Tax Administrations: A Malawian Puzzle.”

Dr. Ligomeka previously worked as a Special Assistant to the Secretary to the Treasury and Chief Economist at the Malawi Ministry of Finance for over 12 years. During that time, he led a number of studies on taxation, including a review of taxation of the gaming industry, the costs and benefits of tax incentives, and an evaluation of Malawi’s tax refund scheme.

During his time with us, Dr. Ligomeka contributed to our research on Gender and Tax and Tax Administration and Compliance. Click below to read his publications:


The ICTD team congratulates Wazi on his appointment, and we look forward to collaborating with the MRA in the future!