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Call for Proposals: Gender and Tax in Africa


The ICTD is calling for research proposals on Gender and Tax in Africa. We are seeking empirical research that identifies the dimensions of and extent to which taxes affect men and women differently. Statistical evidence of these differences is thus important. While we are open to high quality proposals on any dimension of the topic of gender and tax, we particularly welcome proposals that address the following questions:

  1. What are the actual experiences of women and similarly-placed men with taxation and tax administration at the national and subnational level? Specifically, what are the experiences of small business owners?
  2. How and through what mechanisms does the presence of women in tax administration affect the ways in which taxes are collected and the performance of revenue authorities?
  3. Through what channels do women and men in the informal sector engage with the tax system? In particular, what role do associations play in tax bargaining with the state?

We welcome proposals from researchers of all disciplines. We particularly welcome proposals from African researchers or teams that include collaboration between international and African researchers, which will also help to build the research capacity in Africa.

There is no deadline. We will accept proposals on a rolling basis. Submit your proposal via this form. For further guidance on preparing a research proposal and how we contract research projects, see here.

Please submit any queries relating to this call to and copy in

Here is an example of an interesting question on gender and taxation:

Some research in Sierra Leone suggests that women property owners in practice pay much higher rates of property tax than do men property owners. A useful research project might set out to test whether this is actually true, and then try to explain why.

Please note: Our current process for funding research projects has been adapted to reflect the risks posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Proposals should ideally refer explicitly, even if briefly, to Covid-19 risks, and possible implications, in order to facilitate project review. Please see here to read our response in detail.

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