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Belgravia London amandabhslater
March 2022|

Ukraine: Sanctioning Russian oligarch’s wealth and the urgent need to reform the offshore financial system

by Mick Moore & Giulia Mascagni

Last week, the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) held an event on the global development and…

January 2021|

Open Societies, Tax, and the British Aid Programme

by Mick Moore, Wilson Prichard & Giulia Mascagni

What is the connection between taxation and more open societies that the British aid programme aims…

How should we tax after the pandemic?
May 2020|

How should we tax after the pandemic?

by Mick Moore & Wilson Prichard

Globally, tax collections are declining. Governments have cancelled or postponed some tax dues in the effort…

woman at cashier
April 2020|

How can African tax collectors help cope with the economic impacts of Covid-19?

by Mick Moore

There is no scarcity of criticism of the methods that OECD governments have used – and…

Protest for MPs to pay their taxes in Uganda
December 2018|

Taxing Africa: Power, Politics, and Public Participation

by Mick Moore, Wilson Prichard & Odd-Helge Fjeldstad

Over the past decade, international attention has increasingly focused on the potential contribution of taxation to…

July 2018|

Cash on delivery for domestic resource mobilisation? Three key challenges

by Mick Moore & Wilson Prichard

Nancy Lee from the Centre for Global Development (CGD) recently published a piece arguing for a…

January 2018|

High time for cooperation to protect tax bases

by Mick Moore

In the past two decades, the debate on international taxation has changed considerably. While the system…

Pettah Sri Lanka
June 2016|

A home-grown remedy for Sri Lanka’s revenue crisis?

by Mick Moore

Sri Lankans sometimes like to claim perverse records for their country. You will likely have heard…

January 2016|

Will Google dispute spark global tax war, despite OECD tax agreement?

by Mick Moore

On Wednesday, 31 countries formally agreed to support and implement one of the main recommendations put forward by…

September 2015|

Wanted Worldwide: Sensible Property Taxes, and a Property Tax Champion

by Mick Moore

What are property taxes? Broadly, they are taxes on the ownership, occupation or legal transfer of…

April 2015|

The Sustainable Development Goals – Reject Tax Targeting

by Mick Moore, Wilson Prichard, Odd-Helge Fjeldstad, Nora Lustig, Richard Bird, Nancy Birdsall & Richard Manning

There is good news in the agenda for the Third Financing for Development Conference to be held in…

header banner propertytax
January 2015|

How Property Tax Would Benefit Africa

by Mick Moore & Nara Monkam

New publication by Nara Monkam and Mick Moore The developmental benefits of governments taxing citizens, even…