The link between tax revenue allocation and tax morale in Nigeria

Project Researchers: Tom Moerenhout, IISD, Belinda Archibong & Evans Osabuohien
Past Project

The proposed research will answer three research questions: (1) Do regions that have historically received more tax revenue have better tax morale? (2) What type of tax allocation in the form of public service provision increases tax morale? (3) Can oil producing regions turn the use of revenue from the 13% fund into higher tax morale? We use a mixed method design in which quantitative and qualitative methods cross-validate results. We use representative survey data on tax morale and historical tax revenue allocation between 1979 and 2018 to construct a cohort study investigating the whole of Nigeria. We also perform qualitative research relying on archival research, focus group discussions and in-depth interviews of tax morale and service provision in Lagos, Ogun, Rivers, Abia and Nasarawa. This research will result in the publication of an academic article, a dataset, an ICTD Working Paper, an ICTD Research in Brief and a blog post.