Congratulations to our Research Fellow Vanessa van den Boogaard and our Research Associates Rasmus Corlin Christensen and Alexander Ezenagu for being selected by TaxCOOP among “The 35 Leaders of the Future” in Taxation.

Dr Vanessa van den Boogaard is a Research Fellow at the ICTD and a Senior Research Associate at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto. She leads the ICTD’s new programme on civil society and taxation and co-leads the research programme on informal taxation. She is also involved in our research on gender and taxation.

Dr Alexander Ezenagu and Dr Rasmus Corlin Christensen have both conducted research as part of our programme on international taxation. Alex is also involved with the Nigerian Tax Research Network (NTRN), dedicated to enhancing the generation and exchange of tax knowledge in Nigeria.

We are also pleased to see a number of our collaborators recognised among the laureates including Alexandra Readhead and Joy Ndubai. Congratulations to all these promising professionals whose passion and hard work are contributing to the advancement of tax justice!

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