It is with great sadness that we would like to inform our wider network of the passing of Agnes Kanyangeyo, the former Deputy Commissioner General of the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) and a great friend of the ICTD.

Held in high regard by her peers and colleagues, Agnes was a proven leader in the field as an economic policy analyst specialising in tax policy and tax administration. With over eighteen years of experience, she worked in collaboration with numerous partners to research and write tax policy papers and briefs for decision-makers.

According to ICTD Research Director Giulia Mascagni, it was actually Agnes’ forward-thinking suggestion to form a partnership with the RRA nearly 10 years ago.

“Words cannot express the huge admiration I had for Agnes, on a personal and professional level, and the great feeling of loss in hearing about her passing. She will forever be remembered in my work, and beyond,” says Mascagni.

Described as a “deeply kind and warm person,” by ICTD Executive Director Wilson Prichard, Agnes was known as “an absolute pioneer in opening space for research collaboration with revenue authorities and a wonderful partner in so much of our work.”

Prichard says the ICTD “would not be where [it is] right now if not for her initiative and leadership – and that that same leadership has, in a meaningful sense, helped to transform the kinds of work that we now see happening across countries. A very sad loss, far too soon.”

Inspiring those new to the field, Agnes has been described as a role model. ICTD Research Fellow Fabrizio Santoro says Agnes “helped build confidence in myself and in everyone else in her research team – as I could feel that she was admired and loved at work. A gentle and patient leader, who would give attention and listen to everyone’s thoughts. I will always bring the memory of her with me and try my best to follow her values and example.”