You may have noticed that the ICTD logo has changed and our website redesigned with a new look and feel. This new branding was officially launched at the end of November to reflect the our evolution as a research centre over the past 12 years.

As Executive Director Wilson Prichard reflects, “in 2010, the ICTD began as a small team with the ambition of expanding and building the burgeoning field of tax and development research. Since then, it has grown into a much larger centre with a tremendous network of partners that is at the forefront of conducting rigorous, collaborative and high-impact research in the field. Our new logo and website reflect this evolution, symbolising who we are today and the next dynamic phase of ICTD ahead.”



A new logo

The new logo, based on the concept of a pie chart reflects the nature of our work: using data and research to optimise the collection of different types of taxes (slices) that together with other sources of revenue, constitute the budget. By ‘growing the pie’ so to speak, we support our partners in raising more revenue that can then be allocated to critical public services like health, education, and sanitation. It also speaks to our political economy lens in that the stakeholders in the processes of tax bargaining, or the parties ‘around the table‘ in international tax negotiations at have different amounts of power, with lower-income countries and constituencies facing greater barriers to participation, which shapes outcomes. So, our work is not only about helping to raise more tax revenue for lower-income countries, but informing ways in which it can be raised and used more equitably, transparently, and in ways that strengthen accountability. Look out for the variations of the new logo across all of the ICTD’s resources and materials.



An improved website experience

After an extensive 16 month re-development process, we are pleased to present a newly designed website that makes it easier for users to access our key resources, including blogs, news and events, and our latest research. The functionality of our Publications page has been reconfigured, allowing for a faster and more accessible experience when searching for specific working papers, research in briefs and other published works.

A brand new Learning Portal

Alongside the re-branding, we are pleased to launch the highly-anticipated Tax and Development Learning Portal, which offers open access resources to help you learn about key tax and development issues in lower-income countries, at your own pace. You can learn about six themes: tax and governance, property tax,  international tax, tax and gender, tax and governance, and tax and informality. Watch exclusive lectures, read carefully-curated reading lists and take a quiz to test your knowledge. Users of the learning portal are invited to join our LinkedIn learning group to connect with others to exchange thoughts, ideas and continue their learning journey.

Be sure to check out all the features of the ICTD’s new website and share with your colleagues through our social share buttons below!