As world leaders prepare to gather in Addis Ababa in July to discuss the future financing of sustainable development, a key item on the agenda will be the role of taxation in generating more reliable and progressive financing streams that can underpin sustainable and equitable development for everyone, everywhere.

In advance of the Addis Ababa Conference, CONCORD and the Institute for Development Studies are bringing together tax experts, civil society organisations and national government representatives to discuss what more needs to be done by the EU, individual member states and through international frameworks to create a fairer and more sustainable international tax system which addresses the issues of tax evasion and illicit financial flows and improves the capacity of poorer countries to collect taxes and benefit from international tax reform initiatives being led by the OECD in relation to a growing role of the UN system in international tax norm setting.

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The speakers included:

  • Mick Moore, IDS Professorial Fellow and Chief Executive of the International centre for Tax and Development
  • Elly Schlein, Member of the European Parliament
  • Lina Soiri, Director, the Nordic Africa Institute
  • Annet Wanyana Oguttu, Professor, University of South Africa

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