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Logo of the United Nations embossed on a glass wall in the UN Headquarters in New York City
Negotiations for new UN Framework Convention on Tax – what next?

The UN ad hoc committee concluded yesterday the first round of negotiations for the final parameters – or the “terms of reference” – for a UN framework convention on tax, which some have said “could deliver the biggest shake-up in history of the global tax system.”…

Wilson Prichard Leads Session on Revenue Systems at Harvard Ministerial Leadership Forum

Harvard University hosted its annual Harvard Ministerial Leadership Forum last month welcoming finance and economic planning…

Screenshot from the webinar with all speakers
Realistic or optimistic? Experts discuss how to set right tax targets

How much tax can low-income countries feasibly raise? This has become a key question in light…

ICTD Reseaerch Director presenting during the ICTD's annual Research on Tax and Development course in Kampala, Uganda.
Institute of Development Studies, home to ICTD, retains first in the world ranking for Development Studies

The Institute of Development Studies (IDS), home to the International Centre for Tax and Development (ICTD), has once again been ranked first in the world for Development Studies in partnership with the University of Sussex….

A woman buys fruit from a female vendor at an open market.
ICTD rounds up Gender and Tax month

Here’s a quick recap of a diverse range of ICTD content exploring showcasing research on gender and tax – from poetry, to reading lists, to thought-provoking publications both old and new….

Close-up image of a person's hands typing on a computer.
Job Opportunity: Predoctoral Research Consultant

The ICTD is seeking recent graduates and early career professionals interested in developing their research skills and gaining fieldwork and project management experience in preparation for a doctoral program….

Thumbnail of ICTD In FOCUS Ep. 2 featuring Dr Samuel Jibao
Dr Jibao underscores value of collaborative research in video interview

Dr Samuel Jibao, director of the Centre for Economic Research and Capacity Building in Sierra Leone and long-time partner of ICTD, in a new video, highlighted the strong potential of linking tax research and policy in generating impact in practice….

Insights on Ghana’s e-levy: What do we know nearly two years on?

A two-day workshop opened in Accra, Ghana, on the topic ‘Taxing mobile money: Lessons and ways forward’. Research findings and recommendations have been very useful in shaping Ghana’s e-levy….

Close up of hands using keyboard to work on computer at desk. Young woman working on business project with modern device and technology at home, browsing online internet webiste.
Job Opportunity: Coordinator of the Community of Practice on Gender and Taxation (M/W)

The coordinator of the Community of Practice (CoP) on Gender and Taxation will manage the various…

The stage and speakers at the 2nd RRA Research Day.
Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Tax Administration: Insights from the 2nd RRA Research Conference

On February 9, 2024, the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) and the International Centre for Tax and…

A man transacts at a mobile money kiosk in Uganda
What have we learnt about taxing mobile money in Africa? Martin Hearson and Awa Diouf share lessons from DIGITAX research programme

As more African governments turn to the growing digital financial services (DFS) sector – specifically mobile…

A sign that reads: World Economic Forum, Committed to Improving the State of the World
High Net Worth Individuals calling to be taxed more at World Economic Forum, but how does this work in practice?

Underscoring the “dramatic rise of economic inequality,” more than 260 billionaires and millionaires recently called on…