The Addis Tax Initiative (ATI), in partnership with the Local Government Revenue Initiative (LoGRI), is presenting a series of four workshops on policy design for effective property taxation in lower-income countries.

The two-day workshop on “Strategies for Cost-Effective Property Valuation Systems“ and “Rethinking property identification and registration for taxation purposes“ is the first of the series. See the full programme, with details of the topics and speakers here.


Property tax systems in lower-income countries continue to underperform due to several challenges. Complex valuation systems and irregular valuation exercises, combined with high costs as well as limited data and capacity often lead to incomplete, out-of-date or inaccurate property tax rolls.

However, several countries, aided by technological advances, have recently adopted simplified valuation methods that are relatively easy to use with promising results.

Against this backdrop, the first day of the workshop will bring together policymakers, tax experts, and researchers to discuss the challenges associated with traditional valuation methods and the potential for more effective and simplified valuation systems.

Presentations will draw on experiences from African and Latin American countries to highlight lessons learnt from reforms and how they can be applied in countries with similar challenges.

On the second day of the workshop, participants will discuss challenges faced in identifying properties, explore strategies and reforms implemented to improve outcomes and broaden the tax base, and reflect on new approaches to effective identification for taxation purposes.


1. The first workshop on “Strategies for Cost-Effective Property Valuation Systems” will take place on Wednesday, 22 March 2023, from 15:00-16:45 CET. Click here to register for the workshop.

2. The second workshop on “Re-Thinking Property Identification and Registration for Taxation Purposes” will take place on Thursday, 23 March 2023, from 15:00-16:45 CET. Click here to register for the workshop.

You will receive a confirmation email which includes the link to Microsoft Teams meeting. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided from / into English, French, and Spanish. An invitation link will be provided by the ATI Secretariat.

If you have not received a link, but are interested in participating, kindly contact [email protected]

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