Do women and men experience tax systems the same way? What exactly do we mean when we talk about taxation in the context of Africa? And how can we ensure that tax systems at the local government level are equitable? In this seminar, the panellists will answer these questions by discussing their research on the gender dimensions of taxation in markets in Nigeria and Zimbabwe.


Kas Sempere works as a research advisor for Christian Aid in London. She has a background in participatory research and has worked for the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain, and as an international consultant. Kas did her MA and PhD at IDS.

Jalia Kangave is a Research Fellow in the Governance Cluster at IDS and the Lead of the Gender and Tax programme at the International Centre for Tax and Development (ICTD). She is also the ICTD Capacity Building Manager.

This event will be live streamed on the ICTD Facebook page at 13:00 GMT.

Event Details
Past Event
2 October 2019
13:00 - 14:30
University of Sussex, Library Road, Falmer, Brighton, UK