The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) hosted a workshop to disseminate the results of the research it has done in collaboration with the ICTD on taxing high net worth individuals. The event was attended by about 40 participants from the government, research institutions, civil society organisations, and private accounting and law firms, as well as representatives from the Kenyan and Rwandan revenue authorities.

The event began with welcome remarks from the Commissioner General, the Commissioner of Domestic Taxes, and the Assistant Commissioner of the Research and Planning Department.

Patrick Lumala Zzimbe then shared the results of the first phase of the project, which sought to identify compliance gaps and develop strategies for taxing wealthy individuals. See the related ICTD Working Paper here.

Susan Nakato presented the results of the second phase of the project, which established criteria for identifying HNWIs in Uganda and attempted to draw lessons from the URA’s experience of establishing a dedicated HNWI unit. See the second ICTD Working Paper here.

For an overview of the research, read the policy brief Taxing High Net Worth Individuals: Lessons from the Uganda Revenue Authority’s Experience.

The event concluded with an open discussion and closing remarks by Milly Nalukwago Isingoma.

The event was covered by the Ugandan press, including an online article by the Daily Monitor and coverage by NTV below:

Event Details
6 April 2018
Past Event
10:00 - 15:00
Nakawa - Jinja Road, Kampala, Uganda