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Current Project

The Political Economy of Progressive Property Tax Reform: Evidence from Pakistan

Ali Cheema, Shandana Khan Mohmand, Adnan Qadir Khan, Michael Carlos Best, Ali Abbas, Ahsan Zia Farooqui & Muhammad Ahmad Amin
Current Project

Can rural property taxation generate revenue? Measuring costs and potential revenue in Sierra Leone

Kevin Grieco
Completed Project

Compliance, Accountability and the Social Contract: Studying the Impacts of Property Tax Reform in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Wilson Prichard, Niccolo Meriggi, IGC, Julian Michel, UCLA & Kevin Grieco, UCLA
Completed Project

The Collateral Effects of Evictions on Property Tax Morale: Class, Preferences and Signals from the State

Lily Tsai, Leah Rosenzweig & Nicole Wilson
Current Project

Learning from Successful Reform in Sierra Leone

Graeme Stewart-Wilson & Wilson Prichard
Completed Project

Bringing Property Owners into the Tax Net in Senegal

Justine Knebelmann, Paris School of Economics, Victor Pouliquen & Bassirou Sarr
Completed Project

Direct and Network Effects of Tax Enforcement: Experimental Evidence from the D.R. Congo

Dr. Augustin Bergeron, Harvard University
Current Project

Developing Points Based Valuation for Property Taxation in Senegal and Sierra Leone

Nicolas Orgeira & Wilson Prichard
Completed Project

Boosting the Enforcement and Collection of Property Rates: Learning from the Experiences of Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA)

Prof D.J Bakibinga, Makerere University & Dan Ngabarino, Makerere University
Completed Project

The Relationship Between Local and Central Governments in Property Tax Administration

Rose Wanjiru, Centre for Economic Governance
Completed Project

Property Tax in African Secondary Cities: Insights from the cases of Kisumu (Kenya) and M’Bour (Senegal)

Liza Rose Cirolia , African Centre for Cities & James Christopher Mizes, UC Berkeley
Current Project

The Enigma of Central and Local Governments Relationship and the Impact on Property Tax Administration in Ghana

Fariya Mohiuddin & Frank L. K. Ohemeng