The ICTD is calling for research proposals in relation to the Ethiopian Tax Research Network (ETRN). The ETRN is an initiative of the ICTD funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and hosted at the Ethiopian Development Research Institute. The ETRN is a network of Ethiopian researchers and practitioners, with the main objective of supporting the generation and exchange of knowledge on taxation in Ethiopia.

Focus of research proposals

The ICTD will fund research projects that meet high academic standards of research quality and that are concerned with issues relevant to tax policy and administration. We welcome proposals on all themes related to taxation in Ethiopia and from all disciplines, including economics, law, accounting, and political science.

We particularly encourage collaborative research between researchers and practitioners. We also welcome research teams that include collaboration between international and Ethiopian researchers.

Requirements and process for research proposals

We are currently inviting initial research proposals of 1 or 2 pages maximum. Initial proposals should clearly but concisely cover the following information:

  1. The research question and main purpose of the study;
  2. Data and methods proposed, including information on the availability and accessibility of data, and any challenge to feasibility;
  3. Policy relevance and academic value of the study;
  4. A timeline for the study (tentative start and end dates);
  5. A preliminary indication of the budget required (this does not have to be a full budget, just a tentative total figure for the study);
  6. CV and experience of researchers involved in the study (CVs to be sent as an annex to the research proposal).

After an initial screening, a small group of shortlisted researchers will be invited to submit full proposals to the ICTD.

Submission method and deadline

Submissions should include 1) an initial research proposal document, no longer than 2 pages, and  2) CVs for all researchers involved in the proposal. Submissions should be sent by email to [email protected] with the subject “Submission: ETRN Call for Proposals”. The deadline for all submissions is the 15th of February at 23:00 (GMT).