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Street vendors
April 2020|

To fight Covid-19, only the formal economy is getting tax breaks. The informal economy may be asked to foot the bill

by Vanessa van den Boogaard & Max Gallien

As the world grapples with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, vulnerable workers in the informal…

woman at cashier
April 2020|

How can African tax collectors help cope with the economic impacts of Covid-19?

by Mick Moore

There is no scarcity of criticism of the methods that OECD governments have used – and…

Ebola check point
March 2020|

Fill the gaps, feel the pain: Insights from Sierra Leone on an epidemic’s impact on local taxation, public services, and the poor

by Vanessa van den Boogaard

With over 16,000 deaths globally and the number of cases growing each day, the calamitous impacts…

February 2020|

Why Nigeria needs a huge tobacco tax hike to curb smoking

by Laura Rossouw

Cigarette sales in most African countries are going up all the time. But smoking rates are much lower than…

July 2019|

Cautionary tale of tax incentives for cigarette makers from Zambia

by Ronald Labonte, Fastone Goma, Jeffrey Drope & Raphael Lencucha

Tobacco companies are zeroing in on one of the last global markets still ripe for exploitation:…

July 2019|

Tax to finance the SDGs, but not to undermine them

by Wilson Prichard, Nora Lustig, Ian Gary, Sanjeev Gupta, Warren Krafchik & Brahima Coulibaly

This blog was jointly authored by Wilson Prichard (ICTD), Nora Lustig (CEQ), Sanjeev Gupta (CGD), Warren…

May 2019|

Taxing plastic production: a solution to India’s plastic waste crisis?

by Rhiannon McCluskey, Patrick Schröder & Lakshmi Narayanan

With the plastic waste crisis gaining increasing attention, both developed and developing countries are under pressure…

March 2019|

Targets for Equity-Enhancing Tax Advocacy

by Wilson Prichard

Recent years have seen surging international interest in strengthening tax collection in order to finance national…

Protest for MPs to pay their taxes in Uganda
December 2018|

Taxing Africa: Power, Politics, and Public Participation

by Mick Moore, Wilson Prichard & Odd-Helge Fjeldstad

Over the past decade, international attention has increasingly focused on the potential contribution of taxation to…

December 2018|

Can Wealth Taxation Work in Developing Countries?

by Juliana Londoño-Vélez

Developed countries have recently begun considering wealth taxes to raise revenue and curb rising inequality. Should…

tax and inequality
May 2018|

Three wealth tax add-ons developing countries should consider

by Jason Oh & Eric Zolt

Interest in wealth taxes has spiked recently due to disclosures of tax-haven abuses by the ultra-wealthy…

April 2017|

Tax Justice for Women’s Rights: The Real Issues in Developing Countries

by Jalia Kangave

For the past twenty years, Maama Sula (let’s say) has run a small fast-food restaurant in…