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October 2018|

The APTI in Senegal: Accompanying the tax and land agency in improving property tax mobilisation

by Nyah Zebong

Property Tax Reform in Senegal In recent years there has been much focus in Africa on…

Trader selling cowpea at Oje market, Ibadan
August 2018|

Tax Justice – How to integrate local experiences into an international campaign?

by Mª Josep Cascant-Sempere (Kas)

What does tax justice mean at the local level, and how can the experiences of informal market traders be linked with broader international campaigns? This blog draws out insights from ActionAid’s experience of incorporating the demands of market traders in Nigeria into its international tax justice campaign….

July 2018|

The Land Use Charge controversy in Lagos: What lessons to learn?

by Tom Goodfellow, Bukola Bolarinwa & Olly Owen

Since the turn of the millennium, the Lagos State government has made no secret of its…

June 2018|

Property Taxation in Madagascar: An Urgent Need for Reform

by Nyah Zebong

The APTI in Madagascar Much attention has been paid recently to improving local government finances in…

January 2017|

Reducing Incentives for Fiscal Indiscipline at Nigeria’s Subnational Government Level

by Eustace Uzor

The need to achieve fiscal convergence and consolidation in Nigeria cannot be overemphasised. This is especially…

August 2016|

How One African City Is Flipping the Script on Urban Development

by Liam Taylor

From Wall Street to the World Bank, people are looking at Kampala as a model for…

January 2016|

Five Questions About Property Taxation in Africa: Insights from the ICTD Roundtable

by Rhiannon McCluskey

It is widely recognised that property taxation is the most viable, efficient, and progressive means of…

Sierra Leone
October 2015|

Taxpayers’ perceptions on local government taxation in Sierra Leone

The Centre for Economic Research and Capacity Building (CERCB), just concluded a week-long regional dialogue workshops,…

September 2015|

Wanted Worldwide: Sensible Property Taxes, and a Property Tax Champion

by Mick Moore

What are property taxes? Broadly, they are taxes on the ownership, occupation or legal transfer of…

April 2015|

ICTD Supports New Project On Conflict And Taxation In Congo

The International Centre for Tax and Development (ICTD) is supporting two new and important projects in…

header banner propertytax
January 2015|

How Property Tax Would Benefit Africa

by Mick Moore & Nara Monkam

New publication by Nara Monkam and Mick Moore The developmental benefits of governments taxing citizens, even…

Governing Lagos: The Politics of Reform in Nigeria’s Megacity
January 2015|

Governing Lagos: The Politics of Reform in Nigeria’s Megacity

An excellent new study shows how reforming Governors of Lagos State, Nigeria constructed a new social contract around…