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Pettah Sri Lanka
February 2023|

Making the IMF Work for Sri Lankans

The government of Sri Lanka is negotiating a large conditional loan from the IMF. A formal…

January 2023|

Calling all Latin American and Caribbean Ministers to rethink global taxation

by José Antonio Ocampo

As I participate in the World Economic Forum in Davos this week, I feel a keen…

Mobile money agent in Zanzibar, Tanzania
October 2022|

African governments hope digital taxes will fill a budget hole

Republished from The Economist with permission. The digital economy is bringing Africans together. The same cannot…

Belgravia London amandabhslater
March 2022|

Ukraine: Sanctioning Russian oligarch’s wealth and the urgent need to reform the offshore financial system

by Mick Moore & Giulia Mascagni

Last week, the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) held an event on the global development and…

group photo of G20 leaders at the Summit in Rome
February 2022|

Is the Inclusive Framework tax deal in the interests of lower-income countries?

by Didier Jacobs

Last October, 137 of the 140 jurisdictions that are members of the Inclusive Framework reached a…

group photo of G20 leaders at the Summit in Rome
November 2021|

Imposing Standards: Lessons from tax history about the ‘global tax deal’

by Martin Hearson

G20 leaders are celebrating a new agreement to strengthen the taxation of tech firms and create…

One hundred dollar banknotes flying and streaming from white box, isolated on white background.
October 2021|

Pandora’s box is open: What should lower-income countries do to tax the wealthy now?

by Rhiannon McCluskey & Giulia Mascagni

The recent Pandora Papers leak has exposed yet again the scandal of how the world’s rich…

October 2021|

Time to reinforce the UN Model for taxing international shipping profits

by Bob Michel & Tatiana Falcão

From October 19th to 28th, the 23rd Session of the United Nations Committee of Experts on…

Globe - The MFN clause in tax treaties is jeopardising tax revenue for lower-income countries
August 2021|

The MFN clause in tax treaties is jeopardising tax revenue for lower-income countries

by Deepak Kapoor

The ‘Most Favoured Nation’ principle In international economic relations, the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) principle is the bedrock of…

From left to right: Yue Daisy Dai, Carlos Protto, Suranjali Tandon. Bottom row: Frederik Heitmüller, Mary Baine and Mustapha Ndajiwo
June 2021|

Perspectives on the progress of global corporate tax reform

by Mustapha Ndajiwo, Suranjali Tandon, Carlos Protto, Frederik Heitmüller, Yue Daisy Dai & Mary Baine

On June 30th to July 1st, the 139 countries that are members of the Inclusive Framework…

Flags of G7 countries
June 2021|

The G7 tax deal: ‘historic’ and ‘global’?

by Rasmus Corlin Christensen

This weekend, the Group of Seven (G7) finance ministers completed a “historic global tax agreement,” a…

May 2021|

Africa follows up the Biden proposals for international tax reforms

by Sol Picciotto

Reforming global corporate taxation Proposals from the Biden administration have injected new life into the international…